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Parish Office Remains Closed

Based on the directives of the Governor of Massachusetts, the parish office will remained closed at least through April 7, 2020. Staff are working remotely. Please use the parish email  for any questions related to the parish. Please contact Mrs. Corvese directly at with any questions regarding the Faith Formation Program. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Please limit phone calls to the office to urgent matters. Thank you for your help.

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  • Masses celebrated Monday – Friday at 4:30PM and on Saturday at 4PM and on Sunday at 9:30AM
  • PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to register with a Facebook account to watch the Mass.  Check the video tab for previous Masses and go to the link at the Mass time to watch live.
  • We ask for your continued financial support of our parish community. A link to contribute on line can be found:
  • You may also continue to contribute with your budget envelopes by mailing them to the Parish Office at 14 Park Street, North Attleborough, MA 02760
March 19, 2020
Dear Fellow Parishioner,
During the Lenten Season we abstain from eating meat on Fridays.  Due to the current crisis, some may not have access to a meatless meal nor fresh fish or seafood and so to that end, according to the provisions of Canon 1245, I am dispensing parishioners of Transfiguration of the Lord Parish in North Attleborough from this requirement.  Of course, if you are able to abstain from eating meat, it is advised that you do.  If, however, you are not able to do so at this time, you are dispensed.
Fr Jack and I both miss our interaction with you and remember you each and everyday in our thoughts, prayers and most importantly, when we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
May your and your loved ones remain healthy!

Father Rodney

Reverend Rodney Eric Thibault, J.C.L., Pastor

16 March 2020

Dear Fellow Parishioner of Transfiguration of the Lord Parish,

I pray that this letter finds you well during these constantly changing times.  I know that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 virus.  I write, not to alarm you unnecessarily, but it has been brought to my attention that a member of the parish staff had physical contact on Monday, March 9th with someone who has tested positive for the virus.  This staff member did come to work the following day, hence, the entire parish staff may have been exposed.  The entire parish staff will now need to be in quarantine until Tuesday, March 24th.  Clearly, this is distressing but I am happy to say that not one of us, including the staff member who had the actual physical contact with the one who tested positive is exhibiting any flu-like symptoms.

Clearly, the Parish Office will remain closed until March 24th.  In advance, I would like to apologize for any and all inconveniences this will undoubtedly cause.  Since both Father Jack Schrader and I are quarantined, we will be unable to celebrate Sunday Masses the weekend of March 21/22.  The provisions of Canon 1245 authorize the local pastor to dispense parishioners under his pastoral care.

Canon 1245     With due regard for the right of diocesan bishops which is mentioned in canon 87, for a just reason the diocesan bishop, the pastor in individual cases can dispense from the obligation to observe a feast day [Sunday is the Feast Day of the Lord] or a day of penance; or he can commute it to other pious works.

As I extend this dispensation to the entire Catholic Community of Transfiguration of the Lord Parish as pastor, I ask that each reading these words take some time to read the Sunday readings for the Fourth Sunday of Lent and to think about the powerful words.  I am also hoping to have a YouTube link on our parish website so that you can watch my Sunday homily.  Fr Jack and I want to stay connected with you and promise that each and every day we will offer Mass for our parish family.

Lastly, I do ask that you prayerfully consider continuing to financially supporting the parish so that we can continue to pay the bills that will undoubtedly arrive at the parish office.  The US Postal System is still delivering…for the time being…so in advance, thank you for your support and generosity.

Please be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones.



Fr. Rodney

Reverend Rodney Eric Thibault, J.C.L., Pastor


Please see Bishop da Cunha’s letter regarding COVID-19:   Bishop’s Letter 3.16.2020

Weekend and Daily Mass – Monday – Friday (including Lenten Reconciliation, Stations of the Cross and Mass) will not be celebrated until further notice.

All parish groups and meetings have been canceled until further notice.

Faith Formation classes and workshops are canceled until further notice. First Communion and Confirmation are on hold until further notice from the Diocese of Fall River (see Bishop da Cunha’s letter above)

Please do all that you can do as an individual and as our parish community to ensure the health and wellbeing of your family and those around you.  We ask for your cooperation and prayers as we work through this challenging time.


Below are some links with information regarding the virus:

Town of North Attleborough Board of Health:


Commonwealth of Massachusetts official website:


Center for Disease Control (CDC):


World Health Organization (WHO):


Please follow this link for Father Rodney’s letter of March 16 regarding Covid-19:Father Rodney Letter full